Best Shoes for Nurses – Comfortable Nursing Shoes Guide and Reviews

Comfortable shoes are most needed for the nurses than any other professions. As the nurses work half of a day in the hospitals, best shoes for nurses can remove all the pain and stress of their feet. I used to work with the sports shoes and tennis shoes. Believe me, they weren’t that much comfortable. Then I gave a shot to the most comfortable nursing shoes. I was proved wrong as I thought the shoe wouldn’t work on me. But I was quite surprised that, it definitely worked on me. I can say that they are excellent.

Nurses need to stand and walk more than any other professionals. Not only that, they walk or stand 3 times more than the other people. So, the nurses need a pair of most comfortable nursing shoes very badly.

Moreover, for the emergency situation, they sometimes need to walk too fast or run. In those cases, the best nursing shoes can give the best support to them as most of the nursing shoes are slip free and give the best grip on the ground to save the nurses from an injury or an embarrassing condition by slipping down or stumble on the floor.

Here in this review, I will share you my personal experiences and opinions about the shoes that nurses wear and other important things of the best shoes for nurses.

Recommended 10 Best Shoes for Nurses In Summary [Table]

 Keli P. ShoeWork 76033Work ClogsST329 CMFTooled ClogJungle MocWork 76832Classic ClogRenova SlipPTC Oxford
Alegria Women Keli Professionalskechers 76033Dansko Professional ClogK-SWISS Men’s ST329Dansko Tooled ClogMerrell Men Jungle Moc Pro GripSkechers for Work Mens 76832 RocklandAlegria Women Classic Clog reviewsTimberland PRO RenovaSkechers for Work Men 76832 Rockland
Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price

Why Nursing Shoes Are Different than other shoes?

Most of the people think that the nursing shoes are like general sports shoes or the tennis shoes which are made only for comfort. But I can confidently say that they are totally wrong. Nursing shoes are always different than the other shoes and they are made for the purposes of the nurses. Nursing shoes have certain features that other shoes don’t have. People usually wear shoes for going out, jogging and other purposes. In those cases, they wear the shoes for few hours or more. Those activities don’t affect their health negatively.

Nurses have to work 12 hours or more a day. So, they need to wear the shoes all the time. That’s why shoes that nurses wear are made for the best comfort and for the best health purposes of the nurses to prevent any kind health risk. Best shoes for nurses on feet all day are also made waterproof, softer and more durable than the other shoes. Another key feature of these nursing shoes is their weight. These are very light so that the nurses can’t have to feel any extra load during walking and taking steps. As these shoes ensure more safety and comfort than the other shoes, the price of these shoes is quite higher than the others. But I recommend, if you are a nurse, you should wear most Comfortable nursing shoes and put emphasis on comfort and safety than the value.

nurses shoes

Why You Need A Good Pair of Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes?

Why you need a good pair of nursing shoe? Here are the answers.

Makes a nurse comfortable

Gives greater stability on the ground

Reduces foot pain

Removes leg pain

Less chance to back pain
Ensures right balance while walking

Solves Spinal issues

Protects from accident and injuries

Makes a nurse energetic

No chance to stress

why need good pair of nursing shoes

Since a nurse spends more time on their feet to walk and stand than the other professionals, it is a must for a nurse to wear best shoes for nurses. As a nurse works for a long time mostly by standing, it has a long-term effect on her/his body and health. After this long duty hour, leg, waist and back part of the nurse are mostly affected. So, if a nurse doesn’t wear most comfortable nursing shoes, she/he will feel discomfort and ache and this will be the reason to suffer leg and back pain permanently. Most importantly, if a nurse feels discomfort and gets pain it is quite impossible to give best nursing and service the patients.

So, as I mentioned earlier that the nursing shoes are engineered well and made with the best materials to give the best comfort to the nurse. Best shoes for nurses give the desired softness and comfort for a nurse for a long time. There is no chance to feel any pain or discomfort to a nurse. Besides, a nursing shoe protects the feet of the nurse from accidents and injuries even in a wet or slippery surface.

Wearing a nursing shoe has lots of benefits. As a nurse nurses the patients, it has to be ensured that the nurse must feel fit and strong. If a nurse feels discomfort, she/he can’t give the best service to the patients. Best nursing shoes can save a nurse from this serious issue. So, why you need good nursing shoe? You have already got the benefits wearing the shoes for nurses comfortable.

Top Sneakers for Nurses

Sneaker is one of the most comfortable and safest nursing shoes. Its lightweight helps to walk freely. Lace up panel makes it attached with the foot. Sneakers give right arch support to the nurses. The sole is soft but durable and absorbs shock. Toe box gives comfort to the foot. We have top 3 sneakers for nurses here in this review.

Skechers Sport Women’sKeds Women’s SpiritK-SWISS Men’s ST329
Skechers Sport Women’sKeds Women’s SpiritK-SWISS Men’s ST329
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Top Leather Nursing Shoes

Best comfort in a nursing shoe is provided by its top quality leather. Waterproof leather assures a long time use. Leather shoe is usable for any season. Leather lining manages moisture and gives softest cushion support. Its sole gives superior traction to the ground. Colorful printed design attracts easily. For your convenience, there is 3 best leather nursing shoes in this article.

Dansko Tooled ClogAlegria Keli ProfessionalMerrell Men’s Jungle Moc
Dansko Tooled ClogAlegria Women Keli ProfessionalMerrell Men Jungle Moc Pro Grip
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Top Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Leather finishing gives a long lasting quality. Tennis shoes provide perfect arch support. It has the right health support to the nurses. Its heel-to-toe rocker sole gives best comfort. This kind of shoe has greater shock absorption quality. Lace up panel attaches the shoe with feet tightly. Cushioned insole ensures best comfort. You can pick one of these top 3 tennis nursing shoes given below.

New Balance Women’s WX608V4KEEN Utility Men’s PTC OxfordPUMA Women’s Tazon 5 Cross
New Balance WomenKEEN Utility Menpuma-women-tazon-5-cross
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Different Style of Nurse Shoes

Shoes that nurses wear are of different types. It is quite crucial to know which types of the nursing shoe will be perfect for you. Nursing shoes are of different design, size, and styles. There are also different nursing shoes for women and men. Some shoes can be worn by both women and men. You need to be careful to choose the right style for you. Nursing shoes are mainly of 3 kinds. Here are they:

Clogs Alegria Women Keli Professional

Clogs are regarded as the most comfortable nursing shoes. These shoes usually have open back side and closed front area. As the backside is wide open nurses can easily in and out their feet at anytime. This is the perfect type of nursing shoe for those nurses who seek for spacious sized nursing shoes. And if the nurses feel uncomfortable to fit their feet tightly with the shoe, there is a strap to fit rightly and to keep the shoe on the feet. These shoes have no hassle to tie the lace to wear and take off. These nursing shoes are made of mostly leather and rubber for best comfort and safety of the nurses. There are also some Clogs from several manufacturers which have holes to balance the right air flow to avoid sweating the feet of the nurses.

Sneakers Skechers for Work Men 76832 Rockland

Sneakers are the best for nurses who are always busy and most of the time they are very busy with patients. These are the best for those nurses who work in Emergency, ER and ICU. This type of nursing shoe is made with a soft cushion to give perfect comfort and softness. Sneakers are the most stylish and top rated nursing shoes. It also provide greatest stability and grip on the ground. Generally sneakers have a lace-up panel on the top to make it tied to the feet tightly. Sneakers are air tight nursing shoes. So, who have sweating problems, they should choose the sneakers with the hole around them.

Slip-on slip on

Nurses, who hate to tie laces, really love slip-on nursing shoes. Slip-on nursing shoes have closed back to fit tightly while worn. It also has toe box to make the feet relaxed. This type of nursing shoe is great for running during an emergency condition. Slip-on nursing shoes are made with leather lining for maximum comfort. Most of them are waterproof. Rubber made outsole helps to get required grip on the ground and prevents any kind of slip or accident.

It is very significant that there is also synthetic leather made nursing shoes in the market. These are not healthy for the nurses as these shoes will make your feet hot and sweaty creating discomfort during nursing. Another important thing is backless nursing shoes may look great and reduce hassle from tying lace but these are quite unstable.

What you need to Consider for Buying the Best Shoes for Nurses?

What are the best shoes for nurses? You must know the answer before you are going to buy a nursing shoe. As nursing shoe will give you comfort and safety, you should know the features and facilities of a nursing shoe. To buy a nursing shoe, you have to follow certain rules and features. Here are they.

  • Dress code: There are lots of nursing shoes in the market of different colors. But some hospitals strictly follow the dress code. They fix a certain color for the shoe and mostly it is White. So, you should know what type of color your hospital allows about your shoe. This will save you from returning the shoe to the shop after buying.
  • Materials: Check the materials that are used to make the shoe. Premium leather and top quality rubber ensure high quality. Materials must ensure comfort, safety, and durability. Avoid buying the nursing shoes which are made of Synthetic leather.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the most important thing to consider before buying a nursing shoe. As you will wear it for a long time, comfort will be the key factor. Shoes for nurses comfortable must be padded for softness. For comfortable walking and standing, you can choose the cushioned shoes. Make sure that your feet will fit perfectly inside it and won’t be squeezed. Consider the perfect arch support to relieve pressure points on the feet and to make you healthy. Leather made outside ensures maximum comfort.
  • Safety: Safety is another crucial feature that you must be careful of. The floor can be slippery with water, blood or other liquids. In that case, the outsole of the shoe will save you from any kind of slip, injuries or accidents if the outsole would be made with top quality rubber. A great outsole gives perfect grip on any kind of surface, wet or dry.
  • Size: Size is also very important as comfortable walking and standing depend on it. The tight shoe will make you uncomfortable while loose fitting shoe will create problem to take steps and fast walking. Your feet’s width and size will be crucial for this fact. To test the right size, wear socks before buying the shoe.

  • Weight: Always choose the nursing shoe which is less weighted. A light nursing shoe will give you ease to lift your foot and to take step comfortably. During an emergency situation, light-weight nursing shoe will help you the most.
  • Perfect style: You have to choose the right style of your nursing shoes according to your nursing style or the area you are nursing. Choose the shoe with which you are most comfortable with. Keep in mind the dress code. As I mentioned earlier, 3 types of shoes are great for different areas of a hospital. So choose the nursing matching with the area in the hospital.
  • Easy cleaning: Nursing shoes get dirty easily. Moreover, there might be germs in the floor of the hospital. So, buy the nursing shoe which is easy to clean without taking much time.
  • Durability: As you will work for a long period of time in an extreme condition, your nursing shoe will be used more. In that case, the shoe must have superior durability. Nursing shoes, which are made of rubber and leather, are always considered to be the most durable. The durable nursing shoe will help you to reduce cost by not buying a new one more often.
  • Customer support: Usually, nursing shoes are not like the electronic product to give a warranty to the customers. But there is customer support by the loyal manufacturers for their customers. So, buy the nursing shoe by a manufacturer or brand which is loyal to the customers and gives right customer support.
  • Price: The price of nursing varies to the quality, material, and style. Of course, better quality shoes are more costly but they will fulfill your requirements. If you have a limited budget, make sure that you are buying one of the best nursing shoes within your budget.


Top Picking Nursing Shoes Reviews for Man & Woman

There are lots of manufacturers who make nursing shoes and provide shoes in the market. Nurses become confused to choose the best one from them. If they fail to buy the most comfortable nursing shoes it won’t be good for nursing. So, to recall your confusion, I suggest you 10 best nursing shoes in this review. Here are they.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional [Woman]

Alegria Women's Keli Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe review

This is Alegria’s another outstanding nursing shoe which has made with perfectly engineered to make it for the nurses. This nursing shoe can give you the best comfort than the other nursing shoes in the market. The premium leather makes it soft and comfortable to wear it for long hours in the hospitals. Its detachable footbed and replaceable leather lining give the best and softest cushion support and manage moisture during your nursing time.

This white leather shoes for nursing looks great with it nice white though it has other colors too for your convenience. Its soft support makes it one of the best standing all day shoes prevents you to feel pain and hectic in the hospital even after day long nursing. Its slip resistant rubber made sole removes any risks injury on any kind of surfaces of while walking or running in an emergency condition. The sole is made with Polyurethane to get higher stability on the ground.

This sole minimizes the pain and stress on the heel and central metatarsal and very smart to provide perfect traction control. Its colorful printed upper design looks very beautiful and will attract your attention easily. Some users say that the color if it comes off easily. Read Reviews >>

Skechers for Work Women [Woman]

Skechers for Work Women

Another great nursing shoe for women to nurse the patients for a long time in hospitals. This good tennis shoes for nurses is the perfect one as it has all the friendly features for the nurses. The main and the most important feature of this shoe is it is slip free which allows the nurses to work with any risk. Nurses can work under any conditions using this nursing shoe.

Another good thing is it has a very lightweight which helps the nurses to move freely without any discomfort to take steps while walking. This nursing shoe comes with a breathable lining which keeps your feet dry and cool without any chance to sweat. All white tennis shoes for nurses have soft and comfortable upper leather part for extra comfort and flexibility. You can fit yourself in any conditions as this nursing shoe includes outsole which is high abrasion rubber outsole.

Its full lace-up panel makes it fit tightly with the feet. Collar, padded tongue and handy pull tab at the heel help to walk with the best comfort the women nurses. With its 2 different colors, black and white, you can choose your favorite one. To open and to close, you will need to tie up and untie the lace every time which is very annoying. Read Reviews >>

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog [Woman]

Dansko Professional Clog

Searching for a nursing for the highest comfort for day long nursing? This one is surely you are looking for. If your feet are flat, all the nursing shoes are not the right ones for you. But these nursing shoes for flat feet are the quite perfect matched for you. They have flat surface which give much comfort while standing or walking. You will get the right arch support from this shoe which will not allow any health problem to you.

This nursing shoe has top quality leather and fabric construction. This durable construction made this shoe strong with no chance to damage or tear in any condition. The sole of this nursing shoe is made it synthetic materials and that’s why the sole is soft, durable and gets a perfect grip on the ground. The outsole of this shoe is made with Polyurethane for rocker bottom to absorb shock.

To protect your feet, this nursing shoe has reinforced toe box. For getting the right stability on the ground, this shoe has extra wide heel strike. For different types of color, you can choose your favorite one. If your budget is limited, you can choose these nursing shoes for cheap because they cost very low. But some users say that this shoe scuffs and its color comes off easily. Read Reviews >>

K-SWISS Men’s ST329 [Man]

K-SWISS Mens ST329

K-SWISS made this athletic shoe for training and for playing tennis. But this shoe is one of the most perfect shoes for nursing particularly of the male nurse. For standing and for walking the whole duty time in the hospital this is the best for you. As male nurses are more weighted than the female nurses, this shoe is able to bear the load of them perfectly.

With its lightweight, it helps the nurses to take footsteps easily and with comfort. Upper leather lining gives extra durability and long lasting power. The leather lining also saves it from any kind of damage. The shock-absorbing heel helps to stand and walk comfortably for 12 hours continue or even more. Its super soft memory foam footbed is one of the best among nursing shoes and that makes it most comfortable tennis shoes for nurses. Its top quality synthetic sole provides right grip and stability on any kind of surface.

This nursing shoe gives comfort and support to the nurses in any kind of conditions. To fit it tightly with the feet it has lace-up panel. To make this shoe fit with the feet of the nurses, this nursing shoe is made extra wide. Besides this white color, there are other colors for you to choose. Read Reviews >>

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog [Woman]

Dansko Women Professional Tooled Clog

Dansko made another great nursing shoe especially for the women who nurse the patients for more than 10 hours in hospitals. This shoe is regarded as one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar facilities. This one has a fine and smooth upper part made with top quality leather. This leather finishing made this shoe long lasting and perfect to use in any condition.

This nursing shoe gives the right arch support to the nurses during their duty time. To give you a healthy support, this shoe has Polyurethane rocker-bottom which has the capability to protect your back, leg and feet from pain and stress while walking and standing. If you are looking for the shoe which gives both comfort and health support simultaneously, then you must choose this shoe as it has contoured midsole which is very soft and has the ability to absorb any kind of shock to protect you.

Its roomy toe box protects your feet from any kind of pain and damage. The synthetic sole of this shoe will give you the right grip on the ground. But some users claim that this shoe has some ripping problem. Read Reviews >>

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip [Man]

Merrell Men Jungle Moc Pro

Another nicely designed nursing shoe for a male nurse to get comfort and to remove pain, fatigue and stress during nursing the patient in the hospitals. The outsole is made with the highest quality and thick rubber to make the walking and standing easy comfortable and relaxing. This rubber sole also prevents any kind of slip on any kind of surface.

Soft and smooth leather gives comfort to the nurse when wears it. Nurses never feel pain and get the energy to work longer with the help of this leather. There is also padded collar with this leather for ease. As this leather is waterproof, nurses can wear it in the rainy season. The footbed of this nursing shoe eliminates sweat and its odor automatically and that makes it one of the best nursing shoes for men. The feet feel fresh ever after a 12 hour duty time by the nurses.

The sole has cutting edge tread design with a distinctive pattern with specialized grooves which helps to channel the liquids away to get superior traction. This feature helps to get maximum gripping on the surface. Some users say that this shoe has a narrow base on the heel creating problems while walking fast.

Skechers for Work Men’s 76832 Rockland Systemic [Man]

Skechers for man

The male nurses who look for a nursing shoe which have a casual and a stylish look, this nursing shoe is for them. Its top quality original smooth leather gives stylish look. Upper level gets a handsome look more than any other nursing shoes for men. Padded collar ensures both style and comfort. This leather protects the shoe from any kind of damage. It also saves the shoe from rain and water and that’s why nurses can wear it during rain.

The leather is very much effective to provide maximum cushioned softness and comfort to the nurse during their long duty hour. To give stylish look to this shoe, there is a classic lace-up panel. This lace-up is also very much effective to make the shoe fitted tight with the feet. To ensure the safety of the nurses, this nursing shoe has a thick rubber made outsole. It prevents any kind of slip while walking on any slippery surface. To make the nurses relaxed by wearing the shoe, this shoe has a bicycle-seamed toe.

Nurses can keep their feet with ease with this toe panel. The soft removal cushioned insole assures maximum comfort and also makes this shoe one of the best rated nursing shoes for man. Some users say that this shoe is not as comfortable as it claims.

Alegria Women’s Classic Clog [Woman]

Alegria Women Classic Clog

For the nurses who work in the hospitals for a long period, this nursing shoe is very much preferable. It is one of the best standing all day shoes as it is soft and comfortable to stand for long without any pain. This nursing shoe is made with high-quality materials and that’s why it is very much healthy for the nurses. To remove health problems its removal footbed allows perfect insertion of custom Orthotics.

The leather insole is breathable and saves from sweating. This leather insole also provides right arch support for comfort. As this shoe is well engineered, it has the ability to reduce the central metatarsal and heel problems. Top quality leather made it soft, durable and long lasting. These white leather shoes for nursing have a rubber sole which helps to walk with ease.

And that makes it safe for the nurses to nurse without any risk. Embossed upper with leather and T-strap design made perfect for the nurses. The adjustable buckle is very convenient to make it fit perfectly with the legs of nurses. But the only problem with this shoe is it is not slip free and waterproof. Read Reviews >>

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip On [Woman]

Timberland PRO Women Renova Professional

Made targeting the people who are in the profession to nurse and health care sector, this shoe is the dream come true for them because of its high standard and extraordinary features. As the personnel of healthcare sector works for a long time, they get fatigue and feel hectic after their work. But this nursing shoe can remove all the stress of them as this shoe has anti-fatigue technology in it.

To give the highest comfort this amazing shoe has heel-to-toe rocker sole and perfectly shaped oblique. The upper lining of this shoe has full-grain and premium leather for greater durability. Its stain resistant heel-to-toe rocker sole gives better grip and reduces all types of fatigue. The forefoot can spread easily as this shoe has nicely shaped oblique toe box.

To get superior shock absorption, back and leg support and all day long support, this white clogs for nurses is one of the best in the market. Its 0.25-inch platform enables to fit your feet rightly in the shoe. Having all these nursing-friendly features, this nursing shoe includes a 30-day comfort guarantee. If you have high arches this is not the best for you. Read Reviews >>

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford [Man]

KEEN Utility Mens PTC Oxford

Another great nursing shoe for men to nurse with comfort and without any pain and stress. It meets all the requirements of American Society for Testing Materials. It is one of the most popular slip resistant nursing shoes for its slip free feature. This shoe has a slip free non marking oil outsole which saves the nurses from any kind of slip and accident on any wet or slippery surface.

This outsole also ensure perfect grip on the ground. The leather of this shoe gives softness and comfort on the inside and water resistant quality on the outside. Nurses can wear this shoe in the rain too. And if get wet, this shoe can be wipe-cleaned as it is stain resistant. Its patented toe protection protects the toe of the feet and gives a nice design to this shoe.

KEEN Cush PU and memory foam footbed give your feet comfort for a long time. This foamy softness helps the nurses to reduce pain and stress during their duty. The lace-up panel on the top gives a handsome look and makes the shoe fitted tight with the feet of the nurses.

Best Nursing Shoes Accessories you should consider with uniforms

Besides wearing the best shoes for nurses, you should need some accessories to give yourself the best comfort and proper health support. These accessories will help you to deal with swelling or make your blood circulation normal. Here are the accessories to use simultaneously with most comfortable nursing shoes.

Insoles: Insole gives maximum comfort during a long period of nursing. Walking or standing, a pair of premium insole gives the best comfort even after the end of your duty time. Most of the insoles are latex free and are anti-bacterial. Before buying make sure that the insole is easily removable to easy clean.

Socks: As the general socks hamper the right blood circulation of the body, compression socks make the blood circulation free and increase Oxygen delivery to the muscles. This sock reduces swelling and helps to recover quickly. Before buying compression sock, make sure that the sock is machine washable and protects from moisture.

Compression sleeve: Calf compression sleeve is very much helpful for high or low-intensity activities and provides amazing calf support. Before buying compression sleeve, you have to ensure that the sleeve helps to recover well and has built-in moisture protection.

Nurse Shoes type


There are some common questions arise in the mind before buying best nursing shoes. But you must know the answers before buying a pair of nursing shoe. Here are the answers to some common questions asked by the nurses before buying.


Are Women and Men’s Nursing Shoes are Different from one another?

With this kind of question, I can honestly say YES. There are lots of nursing shoes in the market made especially for women and men though there are nursing shoes that can be worn by both women and men. Shoes for women are smaller in size than the men. For the women, there is wide range of nursing shoes which are divided into different styles and colors. For the men the styles are limited.

What is the Importance To Wear the Best Nursing Shoes?

The length of the duty time of nurses is very long. If they don’t wear the most comfortable nursing shoes they will be tired easily. Besides, uncomfortable shoes will create pain to their foot. As the nurses need to stand and walk for long, comfortable and soft shoes are needed badly for them. This softness and comfort can only be found in the best nursing shoes.

How I can Find Best medical shoes That Will Fit My Needs?

It is not that kind of hard task to find the best nursing shoes. You can find a pair of the nursing shoe around your location. You can look for the shoe stores or departmental stores. But online shops are the best place for buying the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. You will find a lot of nursing shoes on online. But all of them are not great. You should be careful to check all the required features and facilities of the nursing shoe. You must check comfort, safety and quality of the shoe before buying it.

From where I can Buy Nursing Shoes?

Nursing shoes are the completely different type of shoe. So, it will be hard to find nursing shoes in the general shoe stores. Some departmental stores are now selling nursing shoes but they have limited styles. So, if you want to choose your nursing shoe from a wide range of collection, then online shops are your only reliance. There are lots online stores like Amazon who are selling wide range of nursing shoes.

How frequently Shoes need to change?

There is fixed period to change nursing shoes. Nursing shoes are usually long lasting. But they have not a lifetime guarantee. Therefore you can’t use them until your old age. When you will find out that you are not getting the required comfort or you are not getting the perfect support from your shoe, then should buy a new one. Nursing shoes are bit costly. But if you don’t buy a new pair then you are amplifying the possibility of back pain. So, when it is needed, you must change the pair immediately.

Which are the slip free shoes?

Well, most of the shoes are made slip resistant. You can easily find out them seeing them or checking their materials. The nursing shoes which passed special tests are the best to resist slip. If you don’t have a slip free nursing shoe, then you are risking yourself during nursing in the hospitals. Go for the top rated nursing shoes by famous brand for your safety.

How I can take the best care of my nursing shoe?

As nursing shoe is of 2 types, leather and rubber, you need to care them differently from one another. For the rubber shoes, use a damp cloth to clean. A cleaning once a week is enough. After cleaning they will look nice for long. For the leather shoes, you can use gentle leather cleaner or suede cleaner. You can also use a damp cloth for cleaning. How you clean your shoe, be careful that never put your shoe in the washing machine or dryer. They will surely damage your shoe.

What are the easiest ways to find the right size?

The best solution to this problem is to buy a shoe from a particular brand. The size number of the shoe is permanent. But if you want to buy from different manufacturers, you have to wear the shoe at least 1 minute before buying it. You must walk and stand to test it before buying the shoe. If you feel free, then buy it. Never buy a tight pair of the shoe as comfort will be the first priority.

What upper area I must choose?

Most of the nursing shoes have leather or rubber made the upper part. There are also synthetically made nursing shoes. For comfort, safety and long lasting, you should choose either rubber made shoes or leather. You should avoid the synthetic shoes as they are not good for nursing.


Nursing is one of the greatest professions. A nurse can save a patient’s life, heal the patient and make the patient smile. To do these, a nurse needs to be healthy and fit. Only the best shoes for nurses can make this happen. As serving the patient is the ultimate goal of the nurses, this service can be given by the you perfectly if you wear the best shoes for nursing provided best comfort and safety.