About Us

Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Jessica. I am a 32 years old nurse having 10 years of experience in nursing. Nursing is a noble profession and I have deep love and passion for what I do.

As I have many years of experience in nursing, I have noticed that most of the nurses, both male and female suffer from pain in their legs and backbone. It’s because nurses have to stand and walk for a long time everyday. So it is too much important to think about what they wear to protect their feet and support their legs. Choosing a wrong type of shoe for a nurse is harmful for his/her health.

I have tried lots of types of shoes for my work as a nurse at my hospital. Most of them were not as much useful as a nurse needs them. Only a few of them were “Perfect”. I have noticed most of the nurses make a wrong decision while they are choosing a pair of cheap shoes, because they are also cheap made. I have tried to focus on almost all of the factors that make shoes perfect for nurses on this site. My only goal is to help young nurses to choose the perfect shoes while they are on work. I don’t want any fellow nurses to suffer from any kind of pains or health issues due to wrong selection of shoes. If anyone gets any help from my site, my efforts will be successful.

Thanks for visiting my site once again. Got questions or comments? Feel free to shoot me a message on contact us page.