Alegria Womens Classic Clog Reviews – Colorful Nursing Clogs

Looking for the perfect nursing shoe for working in a hospital for a long time? Alegria made a stunning nursing shoe only for you to help you to nurse well. In this review, I will provide you some important information about this shoe.

Alegria Womens Classic Clog

Leather Made: Yes
12 x 8 x 4 inch
Removable Insole:
2 pounds
Rubber Sole:
Lace-up Panel:

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Features of Alegria Women’s Classic Clog

Construction: For making this shoe perfect for the nurses this shoe is leather made. Top quality leather made it soft, durable and long lasting. This leather saves the shoe from any kind of damage. Most importantly comfort is provided by this leather.

Comfort: It is soft and comfortable to stand for long without any pain. Cushioned support makes you comfortable all day long.

Safety: This nursing shoe has rubber made sole which has the ability to get the proper grip on any kind of surface. This sole saves the nurses from slipping on the floor.

Design: This women’s nursing shoe has a great design. Embossed upper with leather and T-strap design made perfect for the nurses. The purple color is also favorite to the nurses.

Sole: The leather insole is breathable and saves from sweating. This leather insole also provides right arch support for comfort. This rubber sole helps to walk with ease.

Health Support: High-quality materials made it very much healthy for the nurses. To prevent health problems, its removal footbed allows perfect insertion of custom Orthotics. With the help of engineering, it is able to reduce the central metatarsal and heel problems.

Walk with Ease: The adjustable and cloth covered buckle is very convenient to make it fit perfectly with the feet of the nurses. Its light weight helps the nurses to walk with ease.

Other features: The leather insole is breathable and saves from sweating. This leather insole also provides right arch support for comfort. The rocker outsole encourages proper posture while walking and standing.

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Alegria Womens Classic Clog Reviews


  • Comfortable
  • Easy use
  • Safe
  • Healthful
  • No chance of pain
  • Attractive design and color
  • Light-weight


  • Is not slip free
  • Cannot resist water

Alegria Women Classic shoe

Benefits of Alegria Classic Clog

For the benefits, this shoe is one of the best. Here are the benefits for you.

  • Cushioned support for maximum comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures all the safety issues
  • Gives right health support
  • No pain is felt after a daylong duty
  • Design and color are perfect for the nurses
  • Light weight enables risk-free walking
  • Provides right arch support
  • Removal soft footbed gives comfort


Recommended Accessories

You can get more support and comfort from this nursing shoe if you use some accessories with. Here are 2 of them.

Socks: You can use compression sock for normal blood circulation and for the right Oxygen to the muscles.

Compression Sleeve: For high and low-intensity activities, the compression sleeve is most preferable. Compression sleeve must have moisture protection feature.

Check Available Colors & Price on Amazon

Where to buy

You will find this nursing shoe in any general shoe shop. But if you log on to you will find all the other color available for this shoe. if you are lucky, you may have discounts from Amazon which will reduce your cost than the retail shops.

The good nursing shoe provides great support to the nurses. With this nursing shoe, you can give the best of nursing to your patients using its features and facilities.

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