Alegria Womens Keli Professional Reviews – Best Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Female nurses always look for a nursing shoe which is comfortable as well as stylish. It is quite rare to get both. But there are shoes in the market in which you will get both comfort and style. In this Alegria women Keli Professional reviews, I will share about the key features of this shoe.

Alegria Womens Keli Professional shoes


ColorsWeightInsoleLeather Made
362 poundsCushionedYes
Slip freeBuckleSoleLace-up Panel

Benefits of Alegria Keli Professional

If you buy a nursing shoe you must know the benefits of it. This also has some benefits. Here are they.

  • Cushioned support to stand for a long time
  • Easy to walk and stand
  • Leather construction for greater durability
  • Gives the right health support
  • Gives right health support

  • No chance of pain
  • Printed design and color suit women
  • Rubber sole for slip free and safe walking
  • Heel and arch get right support
  • Removal soft footbed gives comfort

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Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Reviews

Comfort: A female nurse gets the perfection of a nurse if she wears a comfortable nursing shoe. This shoe has Nappa leather and embossed leather in the upper part for comfort. The latex and memory foam-cushioned insole give extra softness to the nurses.

Construction: This shoe has a leather construction for the convenience of the nurse. This leather makes the shoe durable and saves the feet from any kind of damage. The rubber made sole ensures the safety of the nurse.

Safety: The shoe has a thick rubber made sole which is slip free and enables the nurses to walk freely. This leather construction prevents any kind of damage to the feet.

Design: The design of this shoe is very attractive. The printed upper part of the shoe is very colorful and fits perfect with the women.

Health Issues: The polyurethane helps to minimize the pain and stress to the feet. Heel and center metatarsal get proper support from the shoe.

Walk with Ease: The toe box, padded back collar and footbed help the shoe to fit perfectly with the feet and walk with comfort.


  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Friendly for health
  • Easy to walk
  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Printed design and color
  • Light
  • Cushion support


  • Some users say color comes off quickly

    Benefits of Alegria Keli Professional

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Recommended Accessories

If you want to get more comfort and support, you can collect some other accessories.

Compression Sleeve: There are compression sleeves in the market which help to do high and low-intensity activities. Compression sleeves which have moisture management feature are really helpful.

Socks: To keep the normal blood circulation and Oxygen to your muscles, you can use compression socks.

Where to find it?

This shoe is available in any retail shop or market. But it will be the best if you buy from online. is the best and the biggest website to buy this nursing shoe.


A great nursing shoe definitely improves the nursing of the nurses. This shoe has all the features that a nurse expects from a nursing shoe. It will be a wise decision if you buy it before next time you go to the hospitals.

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