5 Best Leather Nurse Shoes with Buyer’s Guide and Reviews in 2018

Nothing is compared to the leather shoes for nurses in the world of nursing shoes. If you are looking for the best nursing shoes, then you must choose the leather nurse shoes. These shoes are made of highest quality leather which gives a superior construction with the best comfort and softness to make the nurses feel happy from any chance of pain and stress to their feet.

As the nurses work a long time in the hospitals, they need a good nursing shoe to give the best nursing. Leather made shoes are the most preferable for this purpose. As the leather made shoes have a durable and comfortable construction, they can give a long lasting service to the nurses without any damage in any condition.

Best Leather Nurse Shoes 2018

For nursing, you need the best pair of nursing shoe. Leather made nursing shoes are considered the best among all the types of nursing shoes. Leather made nursing may cost you more but they will last long and provide the best service to you.

These leather made shoes are the softest to give the best comfort. You can wear a leather shoe as long as possible while nursing at the hospital. You will get the best softness when you wear the shoe. Leather can breathe more air into the shoe and keeps your feet dry and cool from sweating. This leather makes the shoe light which will help you to take step freely. Moreover, leather construction and wrapping of the shoe ensures no chance of pain and damage to the feet.

All you need is to take the best care of the shoe to get the best service from the shoe for a long time. Always clean the shoe and keep the shoe in a dry and clean place.

Top 5 leather nurse shoes

For your convenience, here are 5 top leather shoes in the market.

Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog (Women)

best leather nurse shoes

•    Synthetic sole
•    Foam midsole
•    Leather footbed
•    Leather construction
•    Gorgeous design

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This black leather nursing shoe is made with high-quality leather construction. This durable construction made this shoe strong with no chance to damage or tear under any condition. The sole of this nursing shoe is made of synthetic and it made the sole soft, durable. The sole can get a perfect grip on the ground. This shoe has the flat surface which gives much comfort while standing or walking. You will get the right arch and ankle support from this shoe which will not allow any health problem to you.

The shock absorbing Polyurethane rocker bottom sole gives you the safety more than any other shoes. The roomy toe box keeps your feet comfortable.  For getting the perfect stability on the ground, this shoe has extra wide heel strike. It protects your leg and feet from any kind of stress. The color and design are suitable for working any kind of hospitals. This shoe is perfect for all the women nurses for its gorgeous design and color.

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro (Man)

Merrell Mens Jungle Moc Pro

•    Comfortable
•    Flexible
•    Slip resistant
•    Rubber sole
•    Safe
•    Super stable and durable

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Looking for the perfect leather shoes for nurses but still not found? This one is the perfect for you as it has some very convenient features for the nurses, especially for the male nurses. This shoe is made of top quality leather to make it comfortable, safe and durable. The leather gives greater protection from any kind of damage to the feet. You can walk and stand without any risk. The rubber made sole is extra thick and hard and delivers a superior stability on the ground with no chance to slip.

The padded collar of this shoe gives extra comfort to this shoe. The feet get the desired comfort from this collar. The flexible goring inserts will make your feet relaxed and out of any stress. The super-grip outsole gives you freedom to walk, stand and run freely without any risk. You can choose your favorite one from its two different colors.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional (Women)


Alegria Womens Keli Professional

•    Constructed with leather
•    Cushioned insole
•    Rubber sole
•    Nicely printed upper part
•    Rubber sole

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This women’s leather shoes by Alegria is the ultimate choice of the female nurses as it has a nice design and variety of colors and gorgeously printed upper part. High-quality leather makes it soft and comfortable to wear it for long. Its removable padded footbed and leather lining give the perfect and softest cushion support and have the ability to manage moisture.

This shoe is made durable and long lasting as it has a top quality premium leather construction. This leather helps this shoe to prevent any kind of damage. Moreover, this leather is very soft on the inside and gives the perfect softness and comfort to the nurses.

Its rubber made sole gives the best support to you and prevents you to feel pain and stress during your duty time. It also slips resistant and reduces the chance of any risks to injury on any kind of surfaces. You can run and walk fast during any emergency condition without any risk. This sole is very effective to minimize pain and stress to the feet.

Skechers for Work Men’s 76832 Rockland (Man)

Skechers for Work Mens 76832 Rockland

•    Rubber sole
•    Removable cushioned insole
•    Lace-up panel
•    Padded collar
•    Slip free outsole
•    Leather construction

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Another great nursing leather shoes for men nurses, this shoe provides what a man nurse looks for. The leather provides the maximum cushioned softness and comfort to the nurses. Its soft and smooth leather give greater durability and comfort to the nurses. This leather protects the shoe from any kind of damage. Padded collar ensures comfort and prevents any kind of stress and pain.

For the best safety of the nurses, this nursing shoe has a thick rubber made outsole. It saves the nurses from any kind of slip while walking on any slippery surface. This shoe has a bicycle-seamed toe to make the nurses comfortable while wearing the shoe. The classic lace-up panel gives a stylish look to this shoe. This lace-up panel keeps the shoe attached to the feet tightly. The electrical safe design helps the nurses to be safe from any kid of danger. The soft and removal cushioned insole assures maximum comfort to the ankle and arch of the feet.

Alegria Women’s debra Slip-On

Alegria Womens debra Slip On

•    Synthetic sole
•    Leather made
•    Slip resistant outsole
•    Stain-proof leather coating
•    Latex footbed

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Another great leather nursing shoe for female nurses to make them feel comfortable and stress-free during their long duty hour. This shoe has a durable construction of premium leather. This leather saves the shoe from any kind of damages. Nurses can wear this shoe as the leather is water resistant. To last long without looking bad, this leather has the stain-proof coating.

For the safety of the nurses, this shoe has the synthetic sole which is extra thick and hard to resist slip on any kind of surface. Nurses can walk and run freely wearing this shoe. This shoe has the perfect length and width to fit the feet perfectly creating any discomfort to the feet.

This shoe has soft and comfortable construction to make the nurses feel relaxed all the time. The soft footbed gives the desired comfort to the feet. The leather provides the required comfort to the feet. The elastic goring enables an easy and comfortable on and off of the feet.


Want to deliver the best nursing to the patients for long? You must pick the leather nurse shoes because the service, comfort, and safety they provide are compared to none. So, don’t be late and buy a pair if leather made nursing shoe.

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