10 Best Sneakers for Nurses with Buyer Guide in 2018

Are you in a dilemma to choose sports shoe or sneaker? In my opinion, it must be sneakers. The best sneakers for nurses are definitely the best among these two. Sneakers are light, comfortable and safe to use in the hospitals. Sneakers though look fashionable and stylish and people wear them for fashion purposes, are the very unique and helpful for nursing purposes.

Best nursing sneakers have durable outer construction and soft inner construction to give maximum comfort to the nurses to work in the hospitals for 12 hours or more. If you are thinking to buy a pair of sneaker for nursing, then it is a smart decision.

Skechers Sport Womens Elite Glam Synergy

Why pick most comfortable sneakers for nurses

As nurses give service or nursing to the patients, it is very crucial to get comfort from the nurses. The nurses who use sneakers to nurse, they must wear most comfortable sneakers for nurses. But why is that? Here are the reasons.

  • Gives comfort to the nurses

Nurses need comfort the most. Most of the sneakers have premium and soft leather for softness and comfort. Insole, collar, and tongue are made with cushion and that’s why nurses feel refreshed after their long duty hour.

  • Risk free

Sneakers are usually very light and that’s why nurses can walk without any risk. Rubber made sole gives greater stability on the surface to walk and stand.

  • Saves from injuries

The light weight of the nursing shoe gives perfect balance to the nurses to walk and that’s the reason why nurses can walk without any risk. Rubber sole of the good pair of shoe, helps the shoe to get greater stability on the floor. This stability saves the nurses from any kind of accidents and injuries.

  • Reduces pain and stress

The lack of proper comfort by the normal sports shoes makes the nurses feel stressed and pain on the feet. On the other hand, sneakers are very soft and comfortable to give the best comfort to the nurses to reduce pain and stress.

  • Refreshing

Nurses feel refreshed and energetic if they wear the best sneakers for nurses as the sneakers are light, cushioned soft and most comfortable for nursing.

10 best sneakers for nurses

searching for the best sneaker for nurses? We picked 10 best sneakers in the market for you. Here are they.

Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life [Woman]

Skechers Sport Women

  • Attractive design
  • Breathable mesh
  • Foam insole
  • Flexible outsole
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
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A gorgeous looking sneaker for the women who are dedicated to nurse patients. The black color fits well with this shoe. But there are other colors too. This sneaker has high-quality rubber to make its sole to provide maximum safety. On any kind of surface, this sole is ready to get sufficient grip. These nurse sneakers have a breathable mesh with bungee laces for the desired comfort for the nurses.

The upper part is made with Synthetic and fabric to make it comfortable for nurses. The insole of this sneaker has memory foam which helps the nurses to stand or walk for a long time in the hospital. The outsole is very flexible and that’s why this sneaker lasts long even it is curved. The only drawback is it does not slip free.


Keds Women’s Spirit Leather [Woman]

Keds Women Spirit Leather shoes

  • Lace up panel
  • MicroStretch construction technology
  • Rubber made sole
  • Curved toe overlays
  • 3 different colors
  • Leather made
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A very simple looking but effective nursing shoe for the women to wear during nursing. Nurses can wear this shoe for a long time without any tension as it has lace up panel on the upper part to attach this shoe with the feet tightly. Its soft leather gives both long lasting quality and comfort to the nurses. This leather also saves the shoe from the water.

There is mesh covered padding at the tongue and at collar. The mesh of this sneaker keeps inside of the shoe cool. It has curved bicycle-toe and the perforated design made it one of the best sneakers for nurses to wear. You can choose any one of the 3 different colors of it. MivroStretch technology makes the construction of this sneaker advanced than the other sneakers. There is no cushioning support in this sneaker.


PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross [Woman]

PUMA Women Cell Riaze Cross

  • Made with synthetic
  • Breathable mesh
  • Cushioned heel and midsole
  • Platform size 1.25 inch
  • Tongue and collar have soft pad
  • Lace up panel
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One of most popular and famous sports brand PUMA has brought a great shoe which is one of the most comfortable sneakers for nurses. Its synthetic construction has made it one of the most durable sneakers. Its breathable mesh makes the air flow normal into the sneaker. The heel and the midsole of this shoe are made of cushion to make the nurses comfortable even after their long duty time.

The platform of this sneaker is 1.25 inch which is perfect for the right arch support. Its lace-up panel is very effective to tie this sneaker with feet all the time. The tongue and collar of this sneaker have very soft padded support. The design and the color of this show easily attract the attention of the women. Some users say this sneaker is not good for other professionals like athletes.


K-SWISS Men’s ST329 Comfort Memory [Man]

K-SWISS Men's ST329 shoe

  • Leather made
  • Heel can absorb shock
  • 25+ colours & style (including white)
  • Ultra-wide
  • Synthetic sole
  • Soft footbed
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K-SWISS made the white sneakers for nurses, particularly for the male nurse. Male nurses are more weighted than the female nurses. But this shoe is able to bear the load of them perfectly. It has a very lightweight and it helps the nurses to take footsteps easily and with comfort. Upper leather lining gives extra durability and long lasting ability.

The shock-absorbing heel helps to stand and walk comfortably for 12 hours continue or even more. It’s soft memory foam footbed is one of the best. It’s top rated synthetic sole provides right grip and stability on any kind of surface. To fit it tightly with the feet it has a lace-up panel. This shoe is extra wide to make it fit with male nurse’s feet.


Skechers Sport Women’s Glider Stretch [Woman]

Skechers Sport Womens Glider Stretch

  • Nicely designed
  • Flexible sole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Breathable
  • Rubber made sole
  • Various colors
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Another wonderful sneaker for the nurses to nurse with the best comfort. It nice design and various colors catch the eye of the women easily. This sneaker has a flexible sole which can be curved to any angle without any damage. The sole is made with rubber to walk and stand for safety. It’s upper part is textile made with bungee lace. Its full construction is very much durable to use it for long duty hours in the hospital.

Its breathable mesh provides the perfect air flow into the shoe to make the inside cool and dry. This sneaker is very light weighted which helps the nurses walk with ease. Its non-marking outsole gives the right grip on the floor to walk with more stability. Some users claim that this sneaker doesn’t stretch enough at the ankle opening.


PUMA Men’s Tazon 5 Cross [Man]

PUMA Men Tazon

  • Cushioned midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Perforated breathability
  • Breathable sockliner
  • Greater stability
  • Lace up panel
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Another great sneaker by PUMA for the nurses to nurse with ease. Its synthetic construction made it one of the durable sneakers for nursing. This lace up nursing shoe has perforated detailing for updated air flow into the shoe for the comfort of the nurses. This sneaker has breathable sock-liner made with EchoOrthoLite for making it perfect for the nurses.

The cushioned midsole of this shoe gives the best comfort to the nurses which prevent the nurses from feeling any kind of stress during nursing. TPU shank of this sneaker has the ability to give the increased stability. This sneaker looks great with its sports shoe type design. For the male nurses, this sneaker it is one of the most desirable and perfect ones. According to some users, this sneaker is not well made.


Skechers Sport Women’s Elite Glam Synergy [Woman]

Skechers Sport Womens Elite Glam Synergy

  • Open back design
  • Leather construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Light and durable
  • Easy to wear and take off
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One of the greatest nursing sneakers of all white nursing sneakers, this one is made with all the perfection in it. It has a unique design which made it one of the most popular sneakers for the nurses. It has an open back side which helps the nurses to wear it and put it off easily when they need. This sneaker is one of the most comfortable ones as it has a leather construction in it. The leather also made this sneaker very strong and durable.

For walking without any risk, this sneaker has rubber sole which ensures perfect grip on any kind of surface. Non-marking outsole gives a relaxed walking experience. To work for a long time in the hospitals, this sneaker has thick foam footbed. Another great thing is this sneaker has a very lightweight which enables the nurses to take footsteps freely and comfortably. Some nurses say that this sneaker doesn’t give arch support as good as the other sneakers of Skechers.


Skechers Sport Women’s Premium-Premix [Woman]

Skechers Sport Women Premium

  • Air cushioned heel
  • Cushioned footbed and collar
  • Perforated panels
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather made
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Looking for a soft and comfortable nursing sneaker? You can choose this sneaker by Skechers without any doubt. It is one of the most comfortable sneakers for nurses. You will get soft feeling great support from its cushion in the heel. This heel helps to stand for a long time without any pain. This sneaker provides the best comfort as it has soft cushioned collar, footbed, and tongue to work for a long time.

To walk with the best safety, this skid free sneaker has rubber sole which gives greater stability on any kind of surfaces. You will walk without any risk. Its leather protects your feet from any kind of damage or injury. Though it has no lace, it fits rightly with the feet. Its stylish design easily attracts the attention of anyone.

Skechers for Work Men’s 76832 Rockland [Man]

Skechers for Work Men 76832

  • Leather construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Slip resistant
  • Cushioned insole
  • Padded collar
  • Bicycle seamed sole
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Male nurse’s favorite, this shoe has a casual and a stylish look. Upper level gets a handsome look more than any other nursing sneakers. Padded collar provides both style and comfort. This leather protects the shoe from damages. The leather is very much effective to provide maximum cushioned softness and comfort to the nurse during their long duty hour. To give stylish look to this shoe, there is a classic lace-up panel to fit perfectly with feet.

To ensure the safety of the nurses, this nursing shoe has a thick rubber made outsole. It prevents any kind of slip while walking on any slippery surface. To make the nurses relaxed by wearing the shoe, this shoe has a bicycle-seamed toe. The soft removal cushioned insole assures maximum comfort. This shoe also use as best hiking shoes for men.


ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt [Woman]

ASICS Women Gel Upcourt

  • Sports shoe design
  • Gum rubber outsole
  • Rubber made sole
  • Cushioned softness
  • Breathable mesh
  • Synthetic leather
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Having made for sports, this sneaker is also perfect as nurse sneakers. Its casual design is perfect for wearing it in the hospital. Besides its design and color, it has some great features like soft and high-quality synthetic leather. This leather makes it durable and saves the feet from any kind of damage. Its lace-up panel keeps the feet attached with the sneaker. The breathable mesh keeps the air flow normal and makes your feet cool and dry.

The rubber made sole is very effective to get greater stability on the ground. This sole prevents the nurses from any kind of sleep. The outsole is made of rubber gum to walk with ease and comfort. Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System gives cushioned softness and comfort


Best nursing sneakers buying guide

If you want to buy the best nursing sneakers you have to careful about some important features of sneakers. Here are they.

  • Quality: Premium leather and top quality rubber ensure top quality. Materials must have the capability to ensure comfort, safety, and durability. Go for the good quality sneakers, not the costly ones.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the key feature. The sneaker must be comfortable as it will be worn for a long period of time. Soft leather and cushioned insole are recommended. Arch support is also equally important.
  • Safety: Rubber made sole ensure slip resistance and gives perfect stability on the ground. Light weight gives perfect balance while walking. Make sure that the sneaker is safe and risk-free.
  • Durability: The durability of the best nursing sneakers enables it to use it for years after years. It gives proper support by making it usable for long. Durability prevents buying another nursing shoe within a short period of time.


Best sneakers for nurses are the best companion of the nurses. They give the best support to the nurses during their long and hectic of duty hour. So, to give the best nursing and to get best comfort, you must pick the most comfortable sneakers for nurses.

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