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Proven Natural Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis

A number of people suffer from foot pain. Plantar fasciitis is one of the main reasons for the foot pain. It is so severe that walking becomes impossible for the sufferer. Pain at the middle of the foot, in the arch and at the heel mainly known as plantar fasciitis. But there is solvency for […]

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6 Most Common Foot Pain – Must Read!

Our feet bear all the load of our body no matter what is the weight. From childhood to old age, these 2 feet give us right support all the time. Against this great support, we, most of the time, take a very poor care of them. So, sometimes we suffer from foot pain. As we […]

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10 Tips to Take Care Of Your Feet Every Day

In a normal sense, we usually forget how much we use our feet or how much we owe to our feet. For the nurses, it is more important than the others. Nurses usually stand or walk 12 hours or more in a single day. But nurses are always in a query that what are the […]

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Guide to understanding Nurse Feet type

  Different types of feet There are different types feet people have. As different types of feet need different types of care, you have to understand what type of feet you have as a nurse. Feet can differentiate with some structure of feet. Here are they. Arch Arch means the middle section of your feet. […]

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Why buy a pair of good shoes for nurses?

  Makes a nurse comfortable As comfort is the most needed for the nurses, a good pair of nursing shoe can give the best comfort. Most of the good shoes have premium and soft leather lining for super softness. Cushioned insole gives feather like comfort. Even after 12 hours of working hours feet don’t get […]

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