Dansko Womens Professional Tooled Clog – Great Black Leather Nursing Shoes


There are lots of nursing shoes in the market for the nurses. But all of them are not great for nursing. As nurses need comfortable shoes more than anyone else, a thick, soft and comfortable shoe is the ultimate choice of the nurse. This shoe by Dansko is one of the most popular and best shoes among the nurses.

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Benefits of Dansko Professional Tooled Clog

There are lots of benefits of this shoe which you will enjoy if you buy this one. Here are they.

  • Easy walking and running
  • Proper health support
  • Color and design suits with the female nurses
  • Feet, leg and back get right support
  • Midsole absorbs all kinds of shocks

  • Long lasting shoe with leather construction
  • No pain and stress
  • Cushioned support to stand for a long time
  • Synthetic sole for greater stability

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Dansko Womens Professional Tooled Clog Reviews



To work for a long time in the hospitals, this shoe is the perfect one. Its soft leather finishing gives you perfect comfort. Its cushion gives the right comfort that the feet of the nurses want.


To last long, this shoe is made with the highest quality leather.  This leather construction made the shoe durable and long lasting. For this leather, this shoe is usable in any condition.


The synthetic sole of this shoe gives the right support and stability on the ground. Nurses can walk and run without any risk.


The design of this shoe is also very attractive and perfect. The color suits perfectly with the nurses. It matches with all the rules of the hospitals.

Health Support

This shoe is very much friendly for the health. It provides right arch support to the nurses all the time. Your feet, back, and leg get perfect support from the Polyurethane rocker-bottom. The contoured midsole absorbs any kind of shock and gives comfort. The roomy toe box saves the feet from any pain and makes the feet out of any damage.


  • Comfortable
  • Prefect health support
  • Walking with ease
  • Fits perfectly
  • Safest
  • Pain free
  • Attractive design and color
  • Easy use
  • Soft cushioned support



  • Some users say this shoe has ripping problem.Dansko Tooled Clog

Check User Reviews & Price on Amazon

Accessories to use

If you want to increase the comfort and health support, you can use these accessories with this shoe.

Compression Sleeve: Compression sleeve is perfect and effective to do any low and high-intensity activities. To control moisture into the shoe, the compression sleeve is the most helpful.

Socks: Compression socks are another accessory which keeps the normal blood circulation and delivers the right amount of Oxygen in the muscles.

Where can you buy it?

amazon.com is the right and the best place to buy this shoe though you can buy it from other retail shops and market.

A great nursing shoe really improves the nursing mentality and skill of the nurses. This top black leather nursing shoes is really that kind of shoe which a nurse wants to wear.

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